Available Tag List

All the available tags in post processor template are visible just pressing the { keyboard char.

Press CTRL + ALT GR + [ to print this char.

Otherwise you can show this tag list by click with [Mouse Right Button] and pick SHOW POST PROCESSOR TAGS

Always repeated tags

By default , a code is omitted if is available in previous line or it's redundant.

But sometimes you need to force this code to be always written in every line.

If you want a code be always repeated , you need to add the tag in the

[Always Repeated] property .

All the tags has to be :

  • Uppercase

  • Without { and }

  • Separated by a **;**



By default, redundant tags are not converted into g-code.

A tag is redundant when it contains the same value and it's been already converted in g-code in previous lines.

For example , the feed tags are converted in g-code , only when the feed value changes. They are not converted in every line.

You can disable completely this behaviour , setting to true the property "Write redundant code" in post processor dialog.

Every tag must be separated by ";" char , without braces.

Always repeated tags (Drilling Template)

Same as above, but apply only in drilling templates.

If you want force some code tags only in drilling template use the [Drilling Template - Code Always Repeated]


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