Cad Editor

ECAM has a minimal cad editor.

You can create basic drawing or adjust imported geometry.

The feature available are :

  • DXF / DWG Importing
  • Drawing Tool
  • Move / Translate / Rotate / Scale
  • Trim / Offset / Chamfer / Fillet

Drawing Tools

The available drawing tools are :

  • Line
  • Arc
  • Circle
  • Point
  • Rectangle
  • Regular Polygon
  • Slot
  • Arc Slot
  • Text
  • Coordinate List

Snap System

To simplify the drawing there is a snap system, that allows tracing with other points already present in the drawing.

Snap Tangent feature
  • Hover with mouse cursor on arc / circle entity .

  • When the nearest snap icon show up, click on that arc/circle entity.

  • Now go with the mouse cursor on other arc/circle entity and click when the same snap type is visible.

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