Here the newly released version with a description of changes or solved bugs


  • Simulation : Solved issue with wrong collision detection with groove and thread cycles.
  • Updated localization of ES - HU - FR language dictionaries.


  • To get faster 3D model rendering , a new preference option is available . Edit -> Preference -> 3D Model Creation Mode - > ByWorkProperties. Here more info.


  • Bug fixed with operation order in folder
  • Lathe Module - Is possible edit custom tool plunge angle. Added W insert geometry
  • Customizable stock rappresentation from software preference
  • Lathe Module - Separeted start and end profile extension distance
  • Post Processor - Added "Replace String" to replace text in output g-code. For example , insert this string to replace character with accent from output g-code {Á|A},{á|a},{Ú|U},{ú|u},{Ó|O},{ó|o},{É|E},{é|e},{Í|I},{í|i},{Ü|U},{ü|u},{Ű|U},{Ö|O},{ö|o},{Ő|O},{ő|o}
  • Binded helix angle field in end-mill operation under drilling machining and now at the end of the helix toolpath it perform a arc disengagement in order to not drag the tool along the machined part.


  • Moved to X64 system to solve issue with "OutOfMemory" exception with solid simulation .


  • Changed prerequisites , REQUIRED VC++2015 REDISTRIBUTABLE (x86) ,~~ INSTEAD OF VC2013 (X86)~~

  • Mill Module - New Feature " FOLDER " . With this feature is possible apply transformation to toolpaths in order to duplicate the same toolpath in different position. Currently available ROTATE and LINEAR pattern.

  • Now is possible visualize all the toolpath of the selected operations in tree view . Keep pressed CTRL key and select multiple items to select more item at once.

  • G.Code generation of just the selected operation. Option available in Generation screen dialog.

  • Updated DUTCH localization, thanks to Mr. Sigu**

  • Lathe Module - Fixed bug with wrong initial position in particular cases.

  • Removed "preview toolpath on mouse over" behaviour in tree view.


  • Cut simulation integrated into main window .
  • Rapid Collision detection available , here more info.
  • Is possible define a different machine origin point at setup level.


  • Mill Module - "Add Drill Tip Length" option. It extend the tool final depth by the length of drill tip. The additional distance is calculated reading tool geometry and tip angle.

  • Mill Module - In chamfer operation , is possible define the chamfer diameter. The effective tool depth is calculate reading the tool geometry.

  • New Feature - Is possible create script in C# language. You can now automatize and extend ecam functionality. Take a look a the related documentation for more information.

  • Improved performance - Previously with a lot of entities on the scene , a bug in the snap system made it slow the software responsiveness. Now the problem it's solved.

  • Tool Store - Is possible visualize tool preview into 2D preview screen under the geometry tab.


  • Mill Module - Fixed bug in side milling machining with finish and chamfering operations. Now it's machined selected side of geometries.
  • Cut Simulation - Fixed problem with Zoom To Fit method
  • Edited HOME Treeview style, now it's more compatible with smaller monitor resolution


  • Lathe Module - Is possible define tailstock and visualize it the scene. It's not provided any collision check or toolpath avoid logic. Is settable from "Setup" screen


  • Lathe Module : Improved profile selection method . Now is possible select all the complete closed contourn. The correct profile will be extracted based on current machining operation type.

  • Lathe Module - New Feature : Is possible define boundaries ( limits ) to selected profile. This permits to machine just the desidered profile section .

  • Bug Solved . In some pc, due to DPI setting, the cursor had an offset with effective pointed area.


  • Bug Solved - Fixed issue in CHANGE PLANE method with edit geometry screen
  • New tool for send fixed language translation. You can find it under [ File ] -> [ Fix Translation ]


  • Bug Solved - Fixed memory problem with with stock of big size .
  • Bug Solved - Optimized the speed of snap cursor with a lot of entities on scene.
  • Tool Store - Syncronize correctly synchronous feed after changing asynchronous feed property
  • Tool Store - Added corner radius property for end mill .


  • Bug Solved - In tool store view, now it syncronize tool data parameter with selected material stock.
  • Update Speed and Feed values after tool diameter property change.
  • Update Feed values after tool flute count property change.
  • New Feature - After cad file import, a screen with the most common basic edits is visible in the left column.

Is possible rotate to left or right , scale , selected the origin point , change destination plane and flip all the entities, with few mouse click.


  • Bug Solved - With custom stock definition, the software was crashing if single line was selected.
  • Tools View - Now is possible sorting tool list by clicking on column header . It's also available the search field text box, useful for finding tools by diameter or by name.


  • Contextual hints are shows in the top right corner of the window, with icon and description .


  • Cad editor : Improved offset method, is possible have rounded corner.

  • Fixed Bug with Cad file import, now it explode grouped entities.

  • Cam Mode : It show the drill tool overlay in drilling operations .


  • Cad Editor . Fixed bug with detail screens. On properties edit , it update circle and line shapes.
  • Mill Module : Fixed bug with feed and retract movement to safe Z


  • Improved general perfomance with big toolpaths.
  • It create an ecm file with smaller dimension.
  • Forced transparency when CAD mode is active
  • If manually edited, it keep output g-code filepath from generation dialog.
  • Fixed bug in backplotting, it simulate next operation when current one is terminated.


  • Mill Module : Improved hole selection from cad geometries.
  • Now is possible select all available holes with the same diameter of the picked one [Select circle with same diameter]
  • Better naming of selected geometry
  • In drilling operations , by default is proposed the most compatible drill tool from tool store , for the last selected circle geometry.
  • This behaviour is disabled for the current operation if user input manually the drilling diameter value.


  • Solved bug with cached toolpaths. Resulting in large ecm file dimension.
  • Improved performance on refresh method.


  • Fixed bug with feed values and secure z coordinate in milling module.



  • added {COO_X_DIA} tag in G71 macro template
  • Added Summary of used tools screen, to open it, click this icon on home screen.
  • Improved performance after tool selection, reduce the idle time.
  • Fixed labels in drill cutting parameter screen
  • Zig-Zag strategy for face milling operation


  • Solved a bug in initialization stage

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