Stock Modelling

updated to V3.3.0.692

In ECam the 3D model is created while operations are inserted.

From preference dialog you can choose how the model is created . From Menu -> Edit -> Preference -> 3D Model Creation Mode

1 ) By Toolpath

The generated 3D model, is the effective result of the toolpath movements.

In this way you can see if there something wrong with generated toolpath.

This mode can be slower and it's more computationally expensive than the other stock generation mode,ì,

For example, in the case below you can see the material left in the corner from the end mill machining.

2 ) By Work Properties

This generation mode is faster , especially for simple 3D model, but it doesn't reflect the effective toolpath.

Some work machining like threading and engraving are not elaborated .

In the example below you can see the model is not considered the corner radius of the pocket. It's just used the profile and work parameter to model the stock.

This mode should be used where pc performance are low.

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