Lathe Tool Entry Diameter

By default is not checked the minimum entry diameter of internal tools.

This is a problem when you have to machine a diameter which is near the minimum entry diameter of the tools.

Let's say you want to machine a Ø 33 mm hole , you can see the tool can move to Ø 30 in the toolpath.See image below

This is a problem if the used tool has a minimum entry diameter of Ø31.5 .

To overcome this problem , you can set the min. entry diameter in tool geometry screen.

In the tool description now is visible this value [Ø31.5] .

If you proceed to machine the same profile above, you can see in the output g-code, the minimum diameter is Ø 31.5mm, not more Ø 30mm.

Tool Selection

Setting the min. entry diameter property, also help ecam in choose the right tool when you have defined the profile.

Not compatible profile.

A error is generated when the tool and profile are incompatible. For example you have a profile with minimum diameter of Ø 29 mm and the tool min. entry is Ø 31.5 mm.

Detailed explanation

In toolpath creation , a default distance is used to calculated the secure diameter .

This value is obtained by picking the lowest point of profile and subtract a default distance ( 1 mm ) .

When is necessary and when a min. entry diameter is defined in tool geometry a minimum default value is used (0.1 mm) to calculate this secure diameter.

You can change this default values in tool machine properties . See image below.

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