Thread Table

Is available also a thread database for the most used thread tables.

This mean you don't need to search diameter or pitch values to create machining operation.

Just select the desired thread item from a list to compile all the necessary data.

Open thread table

To open thread table dialog , from menu click EDIT and then THREAD TABLE

Add custom data

This database can be expanded with custom data.

Open the thread table dialog.

  • Select the desidered thread family ( category)
  • Insert the new values in the last row of the table.

Edit Pitch

To edit pitch value , simply click on [Pitch Details]

Is possible to edit :

  • External Thread Height

  • External Passes Count

  • Internal Thread Height

  • Internal Passes Count

Edit Category

Also the thread category are editable.

Is possible to edit :

  • Description

  • UniqueId

  • Select between TPI and Pitch values

  • If is tapered or not

  • Taper Angle

This information will be used in code generation.

If you want to hide the a category, check the "HIDE THIS CATEGORY FROM DROPDOWN THREAD LIST" field.

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