Setup Definition

All the machining operations are grouped to a SETUP parent item .

You can have setup for :

  • Vertical Mill
  • Lathe
  • Lathe with Live Tool (C Axis)

To insert a new setup , from main menu :

MILL > Vertical Mill / Lathe With Live Tool


LATHE > Lathe / Lathe With Live Tool

Setup Screen Definition

Click on setup item in treeview to open setup screen definition .

In setup screen you can define properties like setup name, origin (G54, G55 , ..\), define origin point , G-Code program number , select machine definition , set disengagement absolute coordinate.

Depending from the machine type , you have speficic properties,

If you add a second setup , you have to choose if you want to continue from previous setup, or create a new setup.

If you choose NEW SETUP , a different file will be created for G-CODE.

Otherwise if you select CONTINUE FROM PREVIOUS SETUP , the code will be added in the same file.

Is also possible change position of the stock, trough action STOCK POSITION.

If you are doing a lathe part, probably you need only to flip the 3D model of stock. In this case check the FLIP STOCK property.

You can write the message showed between this 2 setup.

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