Integrated text box calculator

Every text box has an integrated expression solver.

This mean you can insert expression like ( 6+6 ) * 2 , and when you leave the textbox field, in the text box will convert it to 24 as result.

Inserted expression :

Output result :

Unit Conversion

Is also available unit conversion , from [mm] to [inch] and from [inch] o [mm] units.

Just insert [mm] or [in] suffix at the end of inserted value.


In a [mm] unit file instance, set as text " 2 in " in any textbox.

On focus changed the result will be 50.8 , the value is converted to inch to millimeter.

Disable textbox calculator

In some pc, due to some keyboard setting related to comma and dot key, this feature can lead to some problem.

You can disable this feature from preference setting .

From main menu - > Edit -> Preference , search for "Disable Text Box Calculator" .

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