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Is possible redistribuite Ecam with different splash-screen , windows icons , and other company personalization.

You need :

  • ECam , at least version or greater
  • Inno Setup - Installer Creator
  • ISTool ( OPTIONAL , it's another user interface for Inno Setup )
  • Your custom splash screen image and window icon

Step 1 - Install ECam and rename folder CUSTOM

Install Ecam .

The default install directory is this one :


In this path you can find this folder :


Remove the '_' char from the folder ' _Custom '

Now you get :


Step 2 - Add your custom files

In this folder :


you can find several customization file , replace them with your own personalized files :

a) Splash Screen Image

Is the image you see in program start up.
To change the SplashScreen, insert a PNG image , in the custom directory.
The name of the image must be exactly "splash_screen.png" .

b) Application Icon

Is the icon you see in taskbar and in top-left corner of the window
To change the icon, insert a ICO file , in the custom directory.
The name of the icon must be exactly "appIcon.ico" .

c) Custom File XML

To change the app title name and the url string, you need to create a XML file , named "CustomSetting.xml" and insert the xml code written below.
Put this file in Custom dir.
Change the AppName and UrlString nodes.
Use consistent name and only valid char.


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ApplicationCustomization xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

d) (OPTIONAL) Default Preference File

The default preference file contains , for example language or default unit measure is located at :
If this file is not present , will be copied the one you inserted in
Custom Directory.

e) (OPTIONAL) Data Folder

Is also possible customize the default data folder . The data folder is where Ecam save all the settings and machine definitions.
The default path is located in the user area ( C:\Users\Documents\ECAM V3) .
But if you need to share the installation between multiple user account , you need to move this
folder in a global area of your preference .
To do so , add the Data Folder field the CustomFile.xml

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<ApplicationCustomization xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="">

If no customization files are found ,default values will be used.

Step 3 - Installer creation

You need to create an installer containing all the files contained in ecam base folder.

For installer creation i suggest to use InnoSetup .

Anyway , if you prefer, you can create SETUP executable also with other package creator. Like InstallShield , WiX, Eclipse, NSIS and Advanced Installer.

In the custom directory you already have installer base script.


a) Right-click and and open it with InnoSetup .

b) After script opening you can customize application name and company name.

c) From MENU -> BUILD -> "COMPILE" ( or CTRL+F9 )

After compiling , you should find setup executable in the output directory.


Notes :

  • Described procedure doesn't check and install prerequisites on pc.
  • Setup Executable is not digitally signed , so windows will detect the application as unkown publisher.

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