Line Numeration

You can customize the line numeration , here some option

  • Force number in every line

  • Number line only in certain line

  • Skip number in certain line

  • Ending Line Char

Force Line Numeration

To force line numeration , search and set to true the property Force Line Numeration in post processor edit dialog.

Insert Number Line

Insert {LINE_N} tag in templates , to insert line number.






Skip line numeration

To avoid the line numeration , insert {NO_LINE_N} in template.







Ending Line Char

To customize the ending line char, search for End Line Char property.

You can insert a single or multiple char.

Example with " ; " :






To prevent the ending char presence in some line , write {NO_ENDLINE} in any part of the template line.




Numeration Format

If you need the line number formatted in this way :





You need to edit the property [Line Numeration Format] like this : 0000

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