Geometry Selection

In almost every machining operation you need to associate some compatible geometry to the operation you want to perform.

To do this association , add the geometries to the geometry list.

Geometry List

Here are listed the associated geometry.

To add existing geometry, click on [Selected Geometry] button.

When you are in selection mode , simply select the entities in the 3D viewport.

Chain Selection : Consecutive lines and arcs are grouped together.

To edit the geometry click ![Edit Shape](edit_shape_16.png)


To **remove** the association click ![Remove Shape](delete_16.png) button.

** Note : ** Only the association from machining and geometry are removed. The geometry is still existent.


## Overlapping Geometries

If ecam detect two or more overlapping geometries, it merge their outer profile.

In the example below are selected a circle and a rectangle.

Ecam will create a unique result profile.

![Overlapping Geometries](geometry_overlap.png)

## Pocket Isle

If the geometry is completely contained in another shape,

a pocket isle will be created.

This is only possible with pocket operation.

![Pocket Isle](pocket_isle.png)

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