What's new in version 3

Please note :

The milling toolpath engine is changed from v2.x , so if you open a file created with previous ecam version , the generated toolpath may be different.

Here the changes list from version 2 to version 3.

  • 3D Model now reflect the exact tool movements result

  • Real cut simulation is now available

  • Setup sheet generation

  • General

    • Recent file list
    • Toolpath are saved in file, no need to regenerate them after file opening.
    • User interface, compatible with touchscreen monitor
    • Image tooltip on fields
    • Timeline
    • Removed sketch solver
    • Now the geometry from DXF / DWG file is imported directly in viewport
    • Spline support
    • Show toolpath when mouse hover operation item in treeview or in timeline
    • Summary of used tools , to quick fix all the cutting data parameter in one screen.

  • Toolstore

    • Filter by tool type
    • Flute count on endmill
    • Feed by flute
    • Drill angle available for drill tools 118° - 90° - 140 ° - Flat

  • Milling Module Changes

    • Adaptive roughing ( OPTIONAL MODULE)
    • Stock contour by default
    • Tangent arc approach in roughing
    • Rounded toolpath corner
    • Is possible insert positive and negative values in offset field for roughing and finishing operation .
    • Additional tool depth in chamfering operation.
    • Zig-Zag strategy

  • Lathe Module Changes

    • Chamfer/Fillet on face turning operation.
    • Reversed direction on vertical wall
    • Fillet creation on profile sharp corner
    • Tangent extension on profile
    • Use Max/Min Coordinate as starting point

  • Fast Shape

    • Added Slot D and Slot D on cylinder patterns
    • Is possible define different chamfer or fillet for each corner in rectangular patter
    • Property chamfer/fillet also on central line pattern

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