Edit Post Processor

To edit the current post processor , click [Edit Tool Machine] in the code generation dialog, or in the setup screen.

From Generate G-Code dialog :

From setup screen :

Edit Post Processor dialog

In this dialog you can set the post processor preference , or the machine specific properties like rapid feed and default values used in toolpath engines.

After you have edited a property or a template , you can see immediately the output result in the side screen .

Search properties

The post processor have a lot of properties, use the search field to find the one you need .

Not Printable ASCII Char

Is possible add not printable ASCII char in your post templates , by adding this method

{ASCII(...)} , for example {ASCII(4)} where 004 is the decimal value of the char you need.

Here you can find an ASCII table

Clone and Backup Post Processor file

All the machine information (post-processor and machine information ) , are saved in a XML file.

You can clone and make a backup like a normal file.

To open the directory with these file :

From main menu EDIT -> Machine Directory.

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