Toolpath Simulation


Is possible an animation of generated toolpath with the command "Simulation"

From Menu -> Generate -> Simulation

User interface explanation :

Single step : You can move back or forward the simulation by single step using these buttons

Sim.Speed : Increase or decrease the simulation speed

Tool Mode : is possible show the tool with trasparency or hide it completely

Animation Slider : Drag the blue indicator with mouse to move the animation back or forward

Continue with next operation : If checked, at the end of an operation simulation, the next operation is played. Otherwise the animation is stopped. Use the 2 button to go to next or previous operation manually.

Show complete toolpath : If checked, all the movements of current operation are shown . By default , just a the last part of the toolpath is visualized . The length of this visualized toolpath is determined by the property "Toolpath length".

Stock Simulation : If checked, the material removal simulation is shown. This option might impact on performance.

Stop on Collision : When a rapid collision is detected, the animation is paused on collision event.

This option , is enabled only when the stock simulation is active.

When a collision occur, the simulation window will appear with a red gradient .

It's not detected any collision between tool and fixture or tailstock.

Information : Current tool position and cut data parameter are visible in the lower part of the screen.

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