Script Editing - Tutorial 1- Draw a line

Let's start with a very basic example.

Copy and paste the code below into the text editor , and save the script file "Example1" . No need to specify any file extension.

With this script a segment will be created from coordinate 0,0 to coordinate 50,50

public void Tutorial_1a()
    AddLine(0, 0, 50, 50);

Come back to ecam window, without closing script editor, and start typing "tutorial_1a" into command line .

After typing few charaters , the command line will suggest you a possible function candidate.

If more function are found , use the arrow up and arrow down keyboard keys, to select your desidered function .

Press keyboard [ENTER] to accept the suggested function or continue type the command name.

Press [ENTER] again to run the script

A line will be created and now you can see it in the viewport.

Function with parameters

Now we are going to add some parameters to the function .

The function body is similar to previous example , but now the function require two parameter to run correctly.

These 2 parameter define the line endpoint.

public void Tutorial_1b(double x, double y)
    AddLine(0, 0, x, y);

We can define the value of these parameters in 2 ways :

1) With Command Line

Into the command line in ecam window we can call this function like this :

tutorial_1b x -50 y 50

Is important set the space between parameter name and parameter value.

The string has this sctructure

function_name param1_name param1_value param2_name param2_value

2) Define parameter through parameters dialog window.

Into the command line in ecam window , we can call just the function name like this :


If one or more required parameter are missing, a dialog window will be shown like in the image :

Insert the various missing parameters and press keyboard [Enter] to move the focus to the next row. and at the last row , it run the script.

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